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Cosmetic bridges

At Kings Road Dental, we can reinforce your loose teeth or replace a missing tooth with special fibre technology. Glass fibre reinforcements have been developed to provide solutions for modern, patient-friendly dentistry. Fibre reinforcements are made of silanated glass fibres in thermoplastic polymer and light curing resin matrix. These products address the advantages of minimally invasive dentistry where the patient's own healthy tooth tissue is saved for as long as clinically possible. This also means that other treatment options remain available should the patient ever need them in the future. These fibres can often be glued to the surface of the tooth without drilling. They are also easy to repair and remove if the need be.


» Healthy tooth tissue is saved as much as possible. Minimal or no preparation.
» Can be done mostly in one visit.
» Painless and most often done without anaesthesia.
» Fibre reinforcements are very strong and aesthetically very pleasing.
» Suitable for people allergic to metals.
» Cost effective.
» Mostly reversible, and can be removed easily if needed.


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